Prague Hostels

Clown and Bard Hostel
The Clown and Bard in Prague would certainly win an award for a hostel with the most intriguing name but it is not just the name that captures your attention.

Royal Road Residence
This hostel specializes in providing apartments and in this instance they have 17 available of various sizes from doubles up to those for four adults.

Mosaic House
With a hostel of this size you would expect the facilities to be top notch and they are and we are not just talking about the rather trendy bar and restaurant that is also on site.

Hostel One Prague
Furthermore, there is a currency exchange available as well as a tour desk which is also open 24 hours at the front desk so staff can point you in the direction of things to do and how to get there.

Hostel Boudnik
Overall, the Hostel Boudnik is a fun place to stay and it is clear that it is very well looked after from start to finish. The staff are extremely helpful and the beds are extremely comfortable with linen provided as standard.