Had a good time at Brix.. Alexia was really helpful and made us feel at home right away with her smiley face. The beds were really comfy although it was pretty hot in the room without air-con. Overall, really cool hostel that I imagine to grow into one of Prague's best

September 8, 2016

This hostel is fairly new and as such has pretty nice amenities. The staff is what made my experience her top notch, they were friendly, knowledgeable, and chill. I came in early in the morning, a few hours before check in and just hung out with the day crew. They made me feel really comfortable and was able to get great information on the city which made the world of difference!! The only downfall is the location, a bit off the square but a real cheap uber/cab ride solved that.

September 3, 2016

It was a big surprise for me, maybe because I always expect the worst things, but I never saw a hostel like this! Rooms are very cosy, clean, tidy, everything is new, beds are comfortable. On each floor is a kitchen and large bathroom. At the bottom is a lounge where you can watch movies/series, or just simply lie down on the sofa and relax. The crew of this place are wonderful. Helpful, entertaining, very friendly. Usually in places like this I feel very uncomfortable, but there? They literally, mantled me with their hospitality, they really care about every guest, you feel you're important. In hostel you can meet many people, everyday something going on (concerts, performances, beer pong, etc.). And the best is that bar is open 24 hours! You really have to try Brix!

Agata N
September 1, 2016

BEST Hostel in Prague hands down!! Location was perfect for us. So close to other amazing/none touristic things to see, the FREE walking beer tour put on by BRIX was so great AND eating out is exceptional and so cheap. The owners made our stay. So friendly, so down to earth, we really had a fun time eating, drinking and partying with them. They know everything about Prague and were incredible. Amazing security, great bar and chill out area, strong wifi, clean and modern facilities! HUGE THANKS!

August 31, 2016

I LOVE Brix. This hostel far exceeded my expectations. Great location which got me out of the city center and seeing one of the many other great districts in Prague. Very clean, quiet rooms, comfortable bed, welcoming and helpful staff, respectful and friendly guests and a great bar. Best hostel I've stayed in. I don't think it can be beat. I would love to come back and stay for at least a week.

August 16, 2016

There is a difference between visiting a city and experiencing a city. If you want to truly experience Prague with the advice of locals then this is the hostel for you!!!!

Brix is a brand new and modern hostel in one of Prague's greatest neighborhoods. The rooms are clean and comfortable, the bar is a blast. But what sets this hostel apart from all the others is the fantastic staff!!! These guys know how to take care of a guest, from giving directions and advice to showing you a great time, they take care of it all.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a safe, clean, affordable place to stay. I promise, you'll make friends that will last a lifetime.

Jamie S
August 14, 2016

I stayed here with my friend and we really enjoyed the place. We didn't know anyone in Prague so it was nice to be able to meet people at the Brix bar. We had a an epic game of beer pong going on vs some locals who stopped by then played some jenga too. So much fun.

You can tell the place is new because it was more modern than other places we have stayed at and CLEAN! Staff is great, definitely go the extra mile to help you out. Safety was important to them too.

Oh and the Sunday dinner was bitter sweet, so much fun but we didn't want to leave!

Adrian S
August 14, 2016

They say people go the extra mile but the guys at Brix I'm sure would run a marathon for you.

The atmosphere to this place the instant you walk through the doors is indescribable; in every room and every corridor people are able to meet and get to know each other due to the homeliness of the atmosphere.

The bedrooms are spacious and give off a real backpacking feel, each individual locker under the bed is strong, sturdy and able to accommodate two large (60l) rucksacks, more than enough space. The beds themselves are comfortable and clean with enough space for each bunk to happily sit up and move around.

The showers and toilets are impeccably clean and function without a fault, you're more than welcome to use them on any of the floors, are close to your rooms and provide an excellent amount of privacy.

Common areas (besides every corridor and room) include a fully equipped kitchen with enough space for any food/drink you bring as well as a large amount of communal ingredients for you to use and eat in the middle floor dining area, (a well lit, spacious room with a view over the back yard).

Downstairs you have a large room filled with sofas, chairs and tables in which you can talk, relax and even play on their PS4 free of charge. Then you have the bar area, a large space in which there is always something going on, drinks are inexpensive and whatever it is you choose to have you know that even if you are traveling alone you're spoilt for choice for people to drink with. Outside there is giant jenga, foosball and a ping pong table for anybody to use and a large seating area to get to know everyone in.

Every night of the week there is a different event on which you can participate in (the nights I was there we were offered a free meal and played in a beer pong tournament), the bar was open 24 hours and regardless of the time you knew that if you needed anything from a new towel to a 04:00am conversation about life the staff would move mountains to make it happen for you.

For example my group and I were aiming to get an overnight train out of Prague on our last night but were unsure whether it would be possible to get seats. The staff gave us sound, reassuring and reliable advice which set us straight and extended their services to us should we find that we couldn't make the train for whatever reason.

There is no way on earth that I can under sell this hostel, the moment you walk through the door you're part of the Brix family and never want to leave. Without a doubt the best hostel I've stayed in globally.

Adam J
August 13, 2016

Brix Hostel is by far the best hostel in Europe. The staff, the venue and everything about that place is 10/10. As you leave behind the facade of what tourist are expected to see in Old Town Prague, you accidentally stumble across hidden local gems in Zizkov. From local dining and bars to unnerving evidence of WWII, without Brix being where it is, you would never have discovered them. Ultimately, Brix is made for those travellers who want to experience Prague, not just see it.

August 9, 2016